Elsa L. Ribeiro & Sofia von Mentzingen at burros & artes (donkeys & arts)

Bilateral Meetings

  • September 27, 2014 (11h10 - 13h10)
  • September 27, 2014 (14h30 - 17h30)
  • September 28, 2014 (9h30 - 12h30)
  • September 28, 2014 (14h30 - 17h30)

burros & artes (donkeys & arts)
We provide two products: interaction with the natural and rural surroundings in the company of a highly sensitive animal, the donkey, and stimulation of your creativity by practicing arts or traditional handcrafts.

We believe in simplicity, authenticity, quietness, fun and companionship.

We are active since 2009, mainly in Algarve’s councils of Aljezur, Monchique and Vila do Bispo. We also offer our services in Eastern Algarve and Alentejo.

Donkeys - Slow is Beautiful(!):
• Trekkings from 2 to 10 days; our routes are: GR “Rota Vicentina” and GR “Via Algarviana”, through the Natural Park “Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina” and Monchique Mountains. The donkeys carry the hikers’ luggage, but, first and foremost, they are heart and soul of our tours! Our trekking tours, guided or individual, include all logistics.
• Short donkey hikes (1h30, 3h, 1 day) in SW Portugal

Arts and traditional handcraft:
We welcome you to nourish your creativity! You can choose between various traditional handcrafts like
• Pottery
• Modelling in clay
• Felting
• Wickerwork
• Weaving
Our workshops always take place in a relaxed atmosphere and can be set wherever you like. Be it in plain nature (ex. at the beach!), at your accommodation or at the donkey farm near Aljezur.

Other Activities with Donkeys & Arts
Street performances at local fairs and celebrations; parties for school groups; birthdays; bachelor(ette); special needs groups; retirement homes and others.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +351 282 998 331


City: Aljezur ,Vale das Amoreiras Google map

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Areas of Activities


  1. Active and Nature Tourism Activities

Regional & european/ international partners

We require partnerships w/ accommodations and regional, national and international agents, and tour operators.

Our clients are hikers, nature, animals and creativity lovers.

With the Donkey activities our ambition is to intensify the existing cooperation with national and foreign agencies/ tour operators, start new partnerships in foreign countries and strengthening our presence in the the Portuguese market.

In Arts and traditional handcraft our ambition is to increase our product selection of regional handcraft, creating exclusive promotional souvenirs for our partners and the general public, merchandising included.

We also aim at intensifying cooperation at regional level with the associations Casas Brancas and Rota Vicentina, securing accommodations and improving synergies with other actors in the tourism / nature tourism sectors, welcoming volunteers and trainees.

Current partners: Portugal Nature Trails; Germany: Studiosus, Urlaub & Natur, Frauen unterwegs; Portugal Reiseprofi; France: Terre de Aventures.
Burros & Artes is a member of Casas Brancas, Rota Vicentina and the French federation Âne et Rando.

Target Audience: We welcome individuals or groups. People who love the simple things in live, who look for balance, stress free moments, direct experience and like to stimulate their senses.

burros & artes ideally works with small groups thus insuring a personalized attention to detail, although we may host groups up to 25 people.

The Team
Sofia von Mentzingen (donkey activities), German, tour guide, pediatric nurse, culture manager, since 11 years in Aljezur and, in the 80ies, five years in Lisbon.
Elsa Lopes Ribeiro (arts & traditional handcraft), Portuguese, artisan & promoter of traditional arts and crafts.

We speak English, French and Spanish.

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Donkey hiking & creative workshops

Slow is Beautiful - Donkey activities

Enjoy a Long Distance Donkey Trek, guided or self guided.
Have a hike in the donkeys rhythm, from one accommodation to the next where the donkey is travel companion and luggage transporter.

We have different guided/ self guided tours from 2 to 10 days along the Vicentina Coast (Rota Vicentina) and through Monchique mountains (Via Algarviana).
Most asked are our Atlantic Tour (Rota Vicentina Algarve): 10 days/ 9 nights/ 7 days donkey trekking/ 1 break day. Start: Donkey farm; End: South West point of Europe, Cabo S. Vicente and week tour, 7days/ 6 nights/ 5 days donkey trekking.
Our animals are trained for this purpose. All logistic is included. Before the tour starts every hiker is introduced in how to handle a donkey. Road book and maps are part of the equipment.

Short Donkey Hikes, guided during your visit/ holiday in the Algarve/ Alentejo: Duration: 1h30 – 1/2 day (3h) – 1 Day (4-7h)
Relaxed walks through semi wild, semi rural backlands of Vicentina Coast, the surroundings of the donkey farm. Or we guide you to Aljezur old town and castle or to Amoreira Beach in Vicentina Nature Park.

Our tours are ideal for families because children (max. 30kg) can also ride the donkeys. But also couples and groups of friends simply love to donkey hike with us. “It´s like meditation!” they state surprised.

Local fauna and flora, about people living here, once and now, listen about history and (still living) traditions – and, of course, you will make big friend with your four legs travel companion, the donkey.

30 years ago he was very much part of every household in our region, and is now in risk of extinction. You will enjoy cuddling, grooming, preparing the him for the tour, guide and feed him, and understand the way he speaks.
On the way people we meet start to smile, ask to touch the donkey and you yourself will start to feel incredibly relaxed in company of this fascinating animal.

Keywords: trekkingdonkeysarts & craftsRota VicentinaVia Algarvianaworkshops
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