Rui Silva , Events Manager at Sports Centre Vila Real de Santo António

Bilateral Meetings

  • September 27, 2014 (11h10 - 13h10)
  • September 27, 2014 (14h30 - 17h30)

The Sports Centre of Vila Real de Santo Antonio is located in Portugal, at the Algarve region, existing connection by motorway to Faro, Lisbon and Seville (Spain).

This Sports Centre is a reference to concern training camps of teams and athletes in various sports. Currently the Sports Centre is one of the most accredited at national level and in Europe, hosting many events in Athletics, Football, Tennis and other sports, both national and international level.
The major factor that characterizes the Sports Centre as one of the best in the country, is the fact that it includes a set of sports facilities for various sports and supported by experienced, professional, dedicated staff at the disposal of athletes and coaches.

The area also benefits from exceptional conditions, because the Sports Centre is located in a natural environment with a big area of pine wood forest and a beach with 22 km of sand coast, where air quality is excellent which guarantees a unique microclimate in Southern Europe, suitable for improving the performance of athletes.

The proximity to the village of Monte Gordo, tourist area of excellence, makes it even more attractive to training at the Sports Centre, doing the connection between hotels and sports facilities through jogging or cycling. At the hotels is guaranteed to athletes a full board stay, safety and quality services.

Several professional teams and national teams from all around Europe, have prefered Vila Real de Santo Antonio to prepare of their teams and athletes.
The Sports Centre is a IAAF Accredited Training Center.

Usually the sports centre hosts a large number of sporting events and other activities such as football, orienteering, running on the beach, hiking, athletics, triathlon, etc.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: Institution

Phone: 281510960


City: Vila Real de Santo António ,Complexo Desportivo de Vila Real de Santo António Google map

Offer & Request

Sports facilities, natural environmental and request events.

What we want is to offer our sports centre and our excellent environmental and natural conditions. And at the same time raising events and activities for our county.