Vitor Pereira , Guia da natureza at Algarve Selvagem-trilhos do Sul

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  • September 28, 2014 (9h30 - 12h30)
  • September 28, 2014 (14h30 - 17h30)

BTN exhibitor in stand n.º 67.
We do adventure trips in kayak, trekking or the combination of both with bird watching in Algarve and Alentejo from 1 to 7 days .We use the " leave no trace " principle and we do tailor made programs.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10


City: Portimão 8500-085,Urbanização Colina Mourisca, lote 10 Vale das Hortas, Montes de Alvor Google map

Areas of Activities


  1. Active and Nature Tourism Activities

partnership and tour operators

We think that Portugal can be a reliable adventure trip destination in Europe, with an african or australian flavour due to the beautiful and similar landscapes we have. We are close and cheaper, we are safe, have good food and wine and friendly people.

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Adventure trips

We offer adventure trips where our clients have the opportunity of exploring south Portugal nature by kayak and on foot, staying in our bell-tends or in typical rural houses, visit old villages, stone-age and iron age elements, do some bird watching, taste some local wine&food and watch our beautiful night sky all year round.
We do tailor made programs and we have all the gear for a comfortable accommodation.

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